A Green Champion for Stebbing                      

Could you be the ‘Volunteer Green Champion’ Stebbing Parish Council is looking for? Could you engage with the local community and work to create ‘A Greener Stebbing’? If so, the Parish Council would be delighted to hear from any residents who would be interested in becoming our Green Champion.

The main purpose of this role is to create sustainable and environmental initiatives that help move Stebbing and Uttlesford towards the goal of net zero carbon status alongside protecting and enhancing our local biodiversity.

We are looking for someone who has an element of existing knowledge; the ability to put forward new ideas along with a willingness to listen; be a good communicator and enthusiastic about taking the residents of Stebbing on this exciting and necessary journey to a greener and more sustainable future.

You will need to come along to some council meetings and work with other committee members to develop and deliver solutions that are realistic and achievable for Stebbing. Help and guidance can also be found through a breadth of information provided by UDC and ECC.

Any adult can apply, it doesn’t matter what age you are. What does matter is that you are passionate about these issues and keen to help move the village forward. Please volunteer to help make our village A Greener Stebbing.

If you are interested, please contact: Greg King, Parish Clerk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Greener Stebbing is a Parish Council initiative that has formed a Committee (including the Green Champion) to engage with the local community and to facilitate and encourage green measures in the Parish. 

Tree for Life; please click here for a list of the trees planted under this exciting new initiative from Stebbing Parish Council. 



Every month we will be adding a new Hint & Tip on how we can make Stebbing greener, the second tip on how to protect your home in Winter is below;

Climate Change; how you can help by making some lifestyle changes that will benefit the environment.

Preparation by Spring Time; things you can do to prepare for Spring Time.

Protect your Home in Winter; winter is upon us, please click here for lots of easy ways to protect your home and keep you warm.

Let's Save Water; on average each household will use a staggering 350-450 litres of water each day. Please click here for lots of easy ways to save a surprising large amount of water, to reduce costs and help the environment.


If you have any comments or suggestions on a Greener Stebbing please let us know.